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Did you know how the media boosts your ignorance?

27 October 2021, Anna Ndiaye
Did you know how the media boosts your ignorance?

On your Smartphone, choose things that can make you better and positive: like career website that will help you improve your career and so one.

How many of you have a news app in your Smartphone?

It's funny! I have noticed more and more people think that they are in the middle of the news, they know everything about the world, real time.

But the true is that they know nothing important about the world. The only thing they do actually know is what THEY want them to know and believe.

And by 'They' I mean those people you don't see, they are behind mainstream media corporations, governments, multinationals, etc. And they will only feed you with what they believe fit their own business or political agenda, so they can manipulate you better. And it's been that way decades and decades ago, from generations to generations, etc.

The goal of this speech is not to go through the details, but to explain why the news you are watching and listening daily can be bad for you, can turn you into the good person you were when you are born somebody full of ignorance, hate, fear, paranoia and lack of confidence. And those three are just some of thousands consequences news can turn you into.

News is bad for you because it creates and sustains ignorance through your whole life.

News makes you convert an entire continent of over 50 countries to a land full of dust, disease, poverty, hunger, etc.

But it's not their fault, because they don't know, and they don't know that they don't know. And as we say, if you don't know that you don't know, you will never know. And there is no hope for somebody who knows like me who know to make you know, because it is too late.
And the unknown ignorance is built up from generations to generations. It's like me going to Conklin, AB where there is 1 gas station, 1 hotel, 1 restaurant, lots of reserves and bush, take picture and send it to the entire world letting them know that this is Canada. Think about what they will do.

News builds and nurtures hate.

Nobody is born to hate others. But because the mainstream media, people hate others often for no-reasons.

For example, mainstream media feed you with news like:

“This kind people, this is the way they wear, they are dangerous, they are bad, you should hate them, they did this, they did that, etc.”

And you have no proof to confirm what they are saying. But if you have a weak mind, if you have been brainwashed, if you have been educated by brainwashed parents, you will hate anybody who fit the physical description you've been told, just based on what that person wear. And the worst part is when people kill innocent people based on what the news tell them.

Isn't it sad? The saddest part is when that hate is nurtured by elected official who also are parents and will teach their kids the same hate.

News kills your confidence, turn you into somebody full of fear, just a perpetual paranoid person.

Before I move to Alberta, I did some research from Google just to see what to expect. And the kind of news I was hearing was 'Edmonton is racist', or 'Calgary is the most racist city in Canada'.

You go in Toronto, Canada, you unluckily watch a channel called 'CP24', you will only see shootings, stabbings, etc.

Nowadays, what's in the news is terror. I was laughing when I heard the news about potential terror attack in Western Edmonton Mall...

That's exactly how the news will turn up your paranoia, and when you start being paranoid with everything, you kill your confidence, and you become exactly the kind of person the media are looking for.

Don't let them do that to you, don't let them destroy your mind. The world is more beautiful than what they want you to believe. With the little thing I know from travelling is that you will see racism everywhere, you will see bad people everywhere, you will see shooting, stabbing everywhere including countries that seem the most peaceful and welcoming places. And Canada is one of them.

But what can you do about it the media? Nothing! They are doing business and their main purpose is to achieve their goals.
But there is something you can do about yourself.

I got to solutions:

Stop consuming the news! Today's news are made to be sensational and negative. And if you keep accepting being fed by negativity, you will become as much negative as they want you to be.

Make the switch. At home, I switched news channels with comedy channel. While others are being negative, scared and paranoid, I am feeding myself with laugh, smile and joy. And I make sure my family is being fed the same.

On your Smartphone, choose things that can make you better and positive: like career website that will help you improve your career and so one.

But, I understand that addiction is not something you can get rid of from a day to another. If you cannot get rid of whole news, start watching it in a small quantity and avoid swallowing it. Overtime you will realize how positive you will be.

Those are just suggestion, but it's up to you to pick. Do you want to be a positive and intelligent person or a negative and brainwashed person? Make your own choice!
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