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Thinking about a second wife? What you should absolutely understand!

29 October 2021, Mounas Dieng
Thinking about a second wife? What you should absolutely understand!

Islam advocates polygamy by allowing a man to have up to four wives. It is a fact that we will not justify here; on the contrary, we will confirm that it is a very clear clause of the Shariat.

However, when entering into a second marriage, a man should be aware of the burdens and other responsibilities inherent in maintaining two homes, two separate families. If he therefore chooses to have two wives, it is with full knowledge of the facts that he must do so.

One of the essential conditions associated with polygamy as it is permitted in Islam is also the strictly equal and fair treatment of the wives concerned, without any distinction or preference for any of them. Before making his decision, a man must think it over seriously and make sure he can discharge it honorably.

The price to pay for a second marriage is really high. For example, it is said that one who did not know how to treat his wives with justice and equity will rise on the Day of Judgment half paralyzed. And this will only be the beginning of a long penance.
When we reflect on the current state of society, we realize that a husband fails to properly fulfill his duties to one wife. One can easily imagine the situation if he has to take responsibility for several families at the same time. He must imperatively provide for the needs of each of them without anyone feeling aggrieved in any way. And soon, we admit bankruptcy to a decision that we take without considering all the implications.

In conclusion, a second marriage is not contracted without real reason and careful consideration. If the general opinion finds that there is an urgent need, it is still necessary to ensure that man can meet all the needs of both households and this in a strictly equitable manner:

Equal expenses and equal time spent on each. All conditions must be met. The allocation of time to be devoted to each of the wives, for example, must be scrupulously respected. On the expenditure side, these will be doubled because each time he buys something for one, he will have to think of something identical for the other, even if the other wants to exempt him. The Law, it will hold it against.

Ultimately, we conclude that polygamy as prescribed is not just anyone's business. To be worthy of it, it takes a lot of will and piety. It’s so difficult that we see this path firsthand. We dare not imagine the situation in the Hereafter if ever we do not respect all the conditions attached to it.
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