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“It’s been 10 years since we started dating, will he ever marry me?”

28 October 2021, Binou
“It’s been 10 years since we started dating, will he ever marry me?”

“After 10 years without him asking me for marriage, I'm afraid our relationship will end badly...”

“Hello friends…

I’m dating a man. We have been together for ten years. He is a good man, generous, courageous too. But when I talk to him about marriage, he often tells me to wait. I guess that’s why he told me that he wants to make me happy. Our parents have known about our relationship from the start. All these years, I go see him at he’s place as much he does come to mine. But what I found is that he never tried to do anything wrong to me (we never once tried to make love, ... never. I swear, no sex between us!) and I appreciate it for this gesture. Even sometimes when we have problems, he says to me: “what I do for you I do it because I consider you my future wife.”

As for me sometimes I tell myself that the relationship has lasted too much. But I love him more than anything, I refused several marriage requests just to wait for him. I don't always want to ask her to marry me, even though we have feelings for each other.

I love him and I always think about him.

What do you recommend me?”
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Let your man to get ready for marriage, because it is something that needs well prepared. Don't rush just because you are seeing some getting marriage around you. You said everything already that the man loves. So make sure that he is still thinking on how deals with you. Just keep on waiting by conversing with him, but avoid pressure, because almost boys don't like pressure. Thanks

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