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“Yes, Africans* have yet to make history!”

02 January 2021, Jolof
“Yes, Africans* have yet to make history!”

*Contrary to the illusions of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, Africa has well made history except for the 14 countries that still accept to remain colonies of France.

In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy's speech angered a number of African elites who considered this speech insulting. As an African and a pan-Africanist, I allow myself to contextualize Sarkozy's speech and to draw some truth from it.

Today, in 2021, to say that Africa, the 54 African countries have not made history, is an exaggeration. Most of the English-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, “Habesha” (Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea), and Arab countries have well made history, and they are advancing at extraordinary rates. Ethiopia is becoming Africa's production hub with new infrastructure that Senegal is struggling to achieve (trams, trains, etc.). Tanzania and Kenya are light years ahead of countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal or even the Ivory Coast. Ghana and Nigeria do not even compare to Cameroon and Chad, because they have made history for years and continue to leave behind all the French colonies in Africa.

Yes, I mean the French colonies in Africa, these colonies which are struggling to make history and which shame the rest of Africa. Because of traitors like Alassane Ouattara, Macky Sall, Paul Biya and the rest of the French puppets, we continue to stay behind any civilizational evolution because we struggle to take control of our destinies. And from this point of view, it is fair to agree with Sarkozy. While many of us Africans did not appreciate the speech, here are two excerpts that should make us think and act:

“Africa has its share of responsibility for its own misfortune. The African man is as logical and reasonable as the European man.”

Yes, we are totally responsible for the misfortune that we are experiencing today in the French colonies in Africa. In a French colony like Senegal, President Macky Sall continues to sacrifice the Senegalese people for a total servitude to France. Despite the suffering and poverty, the Senegalese people are still struggling to take responsibility and fight to free themselves from this traitor, President Macky Sall. All his actions taken since 2012 have proven that his priority is not Senegal, but rather to serve the interests of France. And until we are responsible enough to take charge of our destiny, servitude and slavery in favor of France will not end. It is up to the people to show responsibility, to rise up to end colonization. Because all the other non-French speaking African countries have taken their responsibility and have now become totally free from any form of colonization.

“It is by drawing on the African imagination that your ancestors have bequeathed to you that you will find the imagination and the strength to invent a future of your own, a singular future that will be unlike any other, where you will feel finally free, free, young people of Africa to be yourselves, free to decide for yourselves.”

In French colonies like Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire, the destination our leaders are taking us to is anything but African. All monetary, economic, financial, health policies, etc. followed by Macky Sall and Alassane Ouattara are totally French. These two traitors are serving France and they did not hesitate to betray the rest of Africa when the opportunity presented itself. The most recent betrayal is the ECO, a currency which was to become West African now risks being a new French colonial currency because of the traitor Alassane Ouattara.

If we are to create a future of our own, we the African people will have to fight these traitors by any means necessary. We will have to tackle any traitor who sacrifices African interests for the interests of the master settler. A country which is unable to define its own monetary policy, a policy which is original to it and consistent with its culture, its realities, its customs, such a country will always struggle to move forward. And as long as we continue to let France dictate our monetary policies and maintain control of our currency, we will never get ahead.

Even if Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech was seen as an insult to Africa, it must be admitted that it contains truths that still persist in the 14 African countries that remain French colonies. While the rest of Africa moves forward with their own rules and never-before-African pride, the leaders of France’s 14 colonies continue to sacrifice their people by acting like cowards in front of France. Knowing that we cannot count on these 14 French puppets, it is up to us patriotic and pan-African citizens to rise up, to fight to free ourselves from slavery, from French colonization.

As our prophet, Thomas Sankara said, “only fighting liberates.” And as long as we continue to cross our arms, France will never stop sucking our blood.
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