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“Comrades, there is no real social revolution until women are liberated:” Thomas Sankara

26 April 2021, Aboudoulaye
“Comrades, there is no real social revolution until women are liberated:” Thomas Sankara

Excerpt from the historic speech of Captain Thomas Sankara on March 8, 1987.

“There is no proud man until there is a woman beside him. Every proud man, every strong man, draws his energies from a woman; the inexhaustible source of virility is femininity. The inexhaustible source, the key to victories, is always in the hands of women. It is with woman, sister or companion that each of us finds the surge of honor and dignity. It is always to a woman that each of us returns to seek consolation, courage, inspiration to dare to fight again, to receive the advice that will temper recklessness, presumptuous irresponsibility.

We always become men with a woman, and every man is a child for every woman. The one who does not love women, one who does not respect the women, the one who does not honor women, has despised his own mother. Therefore, the one who despises women despises and destroys the focal place from which he came, that is, he commits suicide himself because he considers that he has no reason to exist, to have emerged from a woman's generous breast.

Comrades, no revolution will be victorious until women are first freed. Our struggle, our revolution will be incomplete as long as we understand liberation as essentially that of men. After the liberation of the proletariat, there remains the liberation of women. Comrades, every woman is the mother of a man. I would be remiss as a man, as a son, for advising and showing the way to a woman. The pretension would be to want to advise his mother. But we also know that a mother's indulgence and affection is to listen to her child, even in his whims, in his dreams, in his vanities. And that’s what comforts me and allows me to speak to you.

Comrades, there is no real social revolution until women are liberated. May my eyes never see a society, may my steps never transport me to a society where half of the people are kept in silence. I hear the uproar of this silence of women, I feel the roar of their squall, I feel the fury of their revolt. I await and hope for the fruitful eruption of the revolution, of which they will reflect the strength and the rigorous justice that have emerged from their oppressed entrails.

Comrades, let’s move forward for the conquest of the future.
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