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Boycott France! As African, you have a moral duty to fight against France’s colonialism!

16 February 2021, Jolof
Boycott France! As African, you have a moral duty to fight against France’s colonialism!

Boycott France! Dear non-French speaking Africans, your fellow African brothers and sisters need your help as they are still taken hostage by France which relies on its weapons. As a moral duty, why and how should you join the fight against French colonization of over 167 million Africans?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

This powerful African proverb has been around for a long time. Yet, we fail to abide by it, even though it could lead us to a strong Africa.

If we faithfully abide by this saying, by uniting our forces, supporting each other and seeing Africa as one big family, we will thrive like no other continent, since we have every kind of resource you can imagine in our land.

If we made this proverb a religious motto, we could build the strongest army in the world to protect Africa against predators, vultures and parasites that are currently using their weapons to destabilize some African regions in order to keep them poor and steal African resources.

One of those worst parasites is France. Somehow, like any loser, France feels so incapable of surviving by its own efforts and hard work like Germany, China, Switzerland, and Sweden... do. And for that reason, France remains today one of the rare Western countries which are still using their weapons to subjugate over 14 African countries, 167 million people to colonization - and yes, we are in 2021. The entire world understands that France colonial hostage taking against those African countries is unfair and keeps them into deep poverty. But the world will not help us, in fact no one, including the complicit United Nations, will come to our rescue against France’s colonization.

Only we Africans can help ourselves. By Africans, I am including every single African descendents across the world. We, French speaking Africans, have been fighting for decades in different ways. But when you are almost unarmed, it is hard to fight against an armed parasite such as France especially when that parasite is supported by the United Nations who keeps their mouth shut on French’s colonization - or even sometimes encourage it. We remember when France struck Abidjan with bombs while the United Nations supported it. In our fight against France’s colonization, we lost some of our greatest leaders who were assassinated - like Thomas Sankara, Sylvanus Olympio - or imprisoned - like Laurent Gbagbo.

Yes, the fight is not easy, but by all means necessary, we will continue to fight. However, we, French speakers should not do it alone. Fighting against colonization should be an African fight. Together, regardless where you are from across the 54 African countries or around the world as an African descent, we should fight France’ colonization by all means necessary.

So why should you join the fight as non-French speaking African descent?

The obvious reason is about unity for prosperity. You see, when African is strongly united, nothing can stand against us, since we have in our lands any kind of resources the world needs to build almost anything - oil, uranium, cobalt, gold, diamond, fertile lands, etc. That is what Western countries knew in the past. Hence, they armed themselves to do whatever was necessary to “balkanize” Africa - i.e.: dividing Africa into smaller lands (countries) to better control and rob Africa.

Today, although there are less divisions, Western countries are still behind the scene finding other ways to rob Africa. But there is nothing like the current French colonization of over 14 African countries, or 167 million people. And because of the French hands on those countries, unity among African countries becomes difficult, as France keeps controlling, behind the scene, the decisions made by some African leaders who are corrupt and lack the courage of defending Africa. The perfect example is when Cote d’Ivoire’s president, Alassane Ouattara, openly betrayed the entire ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States).

In fact, ECOWAS has been working on a project to create a regional currency for 15 countries. After a long hard work, ECOWAS decided to create a currency called “ECO” which would not only replace currencies of individual member states, but also France's colonial currency imposed on 8 West African countries (CFA Franc for Western Africa - XOF). With many protests against France’s colonial currency, Alassane Ouattara, one of France’s favorite puppets, hijacked ECOWAS’ currency name and proposed France to use ECO to replace the name of the CFA Franc. Keep in mind that this will only be a cosmetic change as France still wants to keep the colonial currency, since it still holds those African leaders by the “balls.” The reason why France is trying to cosmetically change the name of the CFA Franc is due to our endless fight against colonialism, which we are asking to join.

This is one of many examples explaining why France is doing whatever is necessary to keep Africa divided and in extreme poverty. Other examples include:

• Guaranteed access to public contracts in 14 African countries, keeping African entrepreneurs out of business and worsening poverty in Africa. In a country like Senegal for example, water, telecommunication, sea port, retail, banking, etc. are all controlled by French companies.

• Regular African entrepreneurs almost have no access to credit to start a business or fuel the growth of their business. This is not only due to the currency controlled by France depriving those African countries of creating their own monetary policies, but also due to how the CFA Franc is tailored for France’s exploitation of Africa. French entrepreneurs can get credit from Europe, come to Africa with no visa, build their business in Africa, make money and bring that money back to France without any exchange risk - as the CFA Franc is pegged on Euro with a fixed rate (1 EUR = 656 XOF).

• Military occupation of Africa that France uses to steal Africa’s natural resources. Did you know that Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries, is the world’s first uranium producer, which is under complete control of a French company, Areva. Malians have been fighting for years to ask France to leave Mali, yet, France’s military refuses to leave the Malian land rich in natural resources.

This continuous rape by France against Africa is the reason why you, as African, need to join the fight. France relies on its guns to rob Africans. As a human being, it is your moral duty to fight any armed robbery perpetuated against Africa, which keeps Africa poor and maintains Africa in deep misery. Some of us are fighting in different ways. But we need your help, we cannot do it alone as this is a fight for Africa, a fight for the human race, a fight to completely free Africa from France’s colonialism.

How can you join the fight?

Regardless who you are, and where you are, you have more power to fight than you may think. Here is how you can do it:

Boycott anything French. Aside from paying taxes, you have 100% control over how you spend your money. Help us fight France colonialism by banning French brands from anything you buy. From Air France to Jumia, from Total to Peugeot, ban France from your list. Become a social buyer, a Pan African buyer. As a moral duty, you cannot feed the people who are preventing 167 million Africans from feeding themselves and keeping them in poverty. Ban France, ban French products and support the fight against French colonialism.

Spread the word to the world, share this article with the world, and use your influence to tell people what France is doing against Africa and how they can support the fight against French colonialism.

Do not underestimate the power of your contribution. The choices you made by choosing strictly non-French brands and calling for your friends and fans to do the same, will add up and will have a big impact on this fight against France’s colonialism. Do it! Repeat it, and spread it, until France decides to act like other European countries which chose to rely on their own efforts to survive instead of robbing like France.

We need you, we need your support. Africa needs all African people, all African descents around the world and all conscious human beings to use their power to fight against any colonialism in 2021. Poverty is killing Africans in French speaking Africa, please, use your power and help us end France’s colonialism.

Together, we go far.
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